Monday, June 17, 2019
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10S5P 3D Printable Battery Case For The Meepo Board

This battery case is modeled for use with the 10S5P battery sold by DIYEBOARD.COM ( The mounting holes are 1/8th and should be used with standard skateboard . They're also spaced as such to line up...

Meepo Extended Range On Sale Again!

The guys over at the Meepo website have relisted their extended range batteries. The price is still pretty fetchy, it is however meant to double range from stock battery, getting it up to a nice...
Meepo to Landyachtz conversion

Meepo Board Battery Upgrade To 10s6p(8p) – Battery Mod and Deck Swap

hmmm what to do, how to do it, how to mold it =) Got all my stuff in finally...just finished (pretty much) my first diy ebike build... and now onto this tomorrow... ditching the meepo...
Meepo Battery Mod

Meepo Extra Battery / Mileage Mod with 15-20 Miles EXTRA!

The Meepo is a beast. Did a board swap the day I got it. Range just wasn't enough. Put my 2 battery's in parallel, used a Psycotiller enclosure with some velcro. Now I get top...