Monday, June 17, 2019

Meepo Board Remote Control Joystick Extender 3D Print File

Thingiverse user brunogon recently posted a small joystick adjustment for the Meepo Controller allowing for a much easier breaking/acceleration expeirience. There's another controller mod but when printed it's around a millimetre or...

How to get better braking on the Meepo Board!

It's a pretty simple hack to be honest, all you've got to do is add an old bushing to the top part of your remote with hot glue. You can also 3D...

Incredibly Advanced Custom VESC Electric Skateboard Remote Demo by eBoardShop

The ultimate universal electric skateboard/longboard remote controller. Designed to be reliable, compact, and ergonomic. Built in genuine, high quality nrf24 transceiver  for a reliable connectivity. Long lasting battery life thanks to the optimised...