Thursday, April 18, 2019
MeepoBoard Broken Trucks

Meepo Board Trucks Are Breaking Regularly – WARNING

Public Service Announcement:  WARNING - Please check your MeepoBoard trucks for stress cracks/scratches, it's be advised that these are the early signs that your trucks are about to break in half. A...

Meepo Board Hub Motor Casings Are Falling Off!

Recently we've noticed an influx in users of the MeepoBoard complaining about their hub motor casings coming right off the wheels during riding. We noticed multiple users complaining about this issue on...

OwnBoard Electric Skateboard Waterproof, Innovative and Affordable!

Recently we partnered up with OwnBoard and will be posting content relating to their awesome new electronic skateboard innovations. We've included a video below of tests run to prove the waterproofing of...

The New Meepo Board v1.5 Improvements Visualized

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Best Electric Skateboard For Under $500

There's a few boards you have the option of getting for around five hundred dollars or under, below I'll go through some of these hopefully help you make an educated choice...


MEEPO Board Final Thoughts: Affordable Electric Skateboard

Sorry for the delay on this review/final thoughts episode. Been real busy but made time today to get some footage out. Once I start reaching...