Folding Electric Skateboard, introducing the BoardUp Bolt+

The BoardUp Bolt+ is the best foldable electric skateboard/longboard on the market! Stay tuned to the channel for a full speed test video for the BoardUp Bolt+.
Exway Melting Power Supply

Exway Electric Skateboard Chargers are MELTING?!

A Reddit user has complained about his Exway chargers continuously melting, a hoard of other users in the Reddit post also sang the same song. A few users jumped in advising the...

Electrical Skateboard Black Friday Offers For 2018

Main producers of electrical skateboards have launched offers for Black Friday. Electrical skateboards are loads of enjoyable, however with a median value of $500 most individuals can’t justify the associated fee....
New Lacroix 2019 Electric Skateboard

The New Lacroix Electric Skateboard

Looks like they'll be launching next Wednesday, the 19th and we're guessing with a price around $2,900USD, we can all agree it's a very high price, but another thing we can...


Meepo Board Trucks Are Breaking Regularly – WARNING

Public Service Announcement:  WARNING - Please check your MeepoBoard trucks for stress cracks/scratches, it's be advised that these are the early signs that your trucks...