Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wakeskater cruises with a drone in this e-sport first!

One of the pioneers of wakeskating, Brian Grubb, has pulled off one more extraordinary trick. In a world first, he collaborated with Red Bull to get tow ride from an automaton...

ZenBoard Early Preview – Full Review Kickstarter Electric Skateboard

Check out this aussie made electric skateboard that is simple, yet packed with incredible range, speed, parts and features. The Zenboard is slimline, remoteless and simply works. We took it for a...

Riptide R1 – Electric Skateboard Video Review

It's time to finally rip it up on on the Riptide R1! Winter has arrived but the UK eSk8 scene is still cracking on! I took the Riptide R1 to Liverpool's...

Electric Skateboard Pole Vault, is this a new sport in the making!

French Pole Vaulter Baptiste Boirie recently used an electric skateboard to get some pretty awesome clearance. Going forward we welcome this new high risk sport into the olympics, go forwarth ESK8ers!


Meepo Board Remote V2 Video Review

Unboxing video of package deal from Meepoboards. Order quantity #3153 ordered on 26/10/17 and delivered on 07/11/17. Assessment of V2 has an additional pace mode,...