Go Skate Day in Columbia filled with Police Abuse and brawls!

Go Skate Day Police Brutality In Columbia 2019 police abuse, run over skaters causing a all out riot, not only incident but multiple cases of the police abusing and attacking skaters...

Meepo NLS Pro Crashes Into River!

YouTube User belanger jean posted this video of the brand new Meepo NLS Pro taking a dip into the drink. Although you can see the truck is snapped, this is not what caused the...

Folding Electric Skateboard, introducing the BoardUp Bolt+

The BoardUp Bolt+ is the best foldable electric skateboard/longboard on the market! Stay tuned to the channel for a full speed test video for the BoardUp Bolt+.

Meepo NLS Pro Hobbywing ESC full video review, goodbye Boosted Boards!

Hello ESK8Mods readers, we're currently awaiting our review NLS unit to come from Kieran at Meepo for our comprehensive ESK8Mods review. However the very awesome Talon has already gone ahead and made...

Boosted Rev First Look in Amsterdam

Got a chance to test out the Boosted Rev for the first time during a launch event in collaboration with the FatDaddy store in Amsterdam ? let me tell you, the...

Esk8 Group Vlog Episode 4 (Raldey Prototype in Hollywood Boulevard)

New esk8 group ride vlog: flew out to Los Angeles with u/onel0wcubn and rode through Hollywood with some of the LAEsk8 crew. Got to ride the new prototype Raldey bamboo AT...

Cody from Boosted Boards about the Boosted Rev

The Fatdaddy Podcast invites guests from the electric skateboard scene, people contributing in e-mobility, new ways of transportation, renewable energy, legislation and extreme sports.With a cozy atmosphere where having a beer...

VESC Programming – Building an electric mountain board

For the last video in the series we are programming the VESC's and going for a test ride. Big thanks to Lee Wright over on YouTube for providing this awesome video, not...

The 65-Year-Old Skateboarder you didn’t know about!

Meet Lena the 65 year old skateboarder. Lena Salmi from Helsinki skateboards, takes acrobatic classes and loves graffiti art. She’s living proof that age is just a number. At 61, Lena swapped...


Meepo Board Trucks Are Breaking Regularly – WARNING

Public Service Announcement:  WARNING - Please check your MeepoBoard trucks for stress cracks/scratches, it's be advised that these are the early signs that your trucks...