The Best Budget Skateboard for 2018

YouTuber Ronnie .S recently made an awesome review of the new flagship killer the OwnBoard, it's a fantastic review which is in depth and goes right into all the most important...

Boosted Board Alternative – This one’s a killer!

As you know, one of our recent partners OwnBoard has smashed onto the scene, launching a budget electric skateboard that features innovations none of the others are looking into. YouTuber Justin Bravo...

Custom Electric Longboard at 21MPH for around $370, super easy build!

This longboard is much more fun than I expected. I’ll definitely be riding it often! It’s very fast, powerful, and easy to build. Here are the parts: Hub motors with front trucks...

Meepo Board Remote V2 Video Review

Unboxing video of package deal from Meepoboards. Order quantity #3153 ordered on 26/10/17 and delivered on 07/11/17. Assessment of V2 has an additional pace mode, smaller reverse button and it DOESN'T RATTLE!...

Ollin 90mm Popoca Wheels

This video features a Boosted Board V2 with original gearing and Ollin 90mm Popoca Wheels.

Meepo Board the best DIY Better Battery Gauge Mod!

Don't be limited by the inability to measure your speed and battery levels via your remote control, follow this guide and get your own beast battery gauge setup with a new...

The T Board Electric Skateboard – AMAZING ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD!

Recently we found this board in operation on a Chinese YouTube channel with very little information, if you know anything about this board or its makers, please don't hesitate to leave...

First Meepo Board V1.5 unbox in meepo factory!

Meepo Board V1.5 is an upgraded version of Meepo Board. The only place to get one :

The Batman Electric Skateboard – esk8 Tumbler!

Building a Batman Electric Skateboard part 2: This series is about making a Batman Electric Skateboard like the Bat Tumbler with electric steering so it can eventually be laser guided and...

Batman Electric Skateboard The Second Video!

It appears XRobots aka James Bruton has come through with his second video installment for his Batman Tumbler electric skateboard mod, which to date is one of the most advanced mods...