Wednesday, April 24, 2019

ZenBoard Early Preview – Full Review Kickstarter Electric Skateboard

Check out this aussie made electric skateboard that is simple, yet packed with incredible range, speed, parts and features. The Zenboard is slimline, remoteless and simply works. We took it for a...

Batman Electric Skateboard The Second Video!

It appears XRobots aka James Bruton has come through with his second video installment for his Batman Tumbler electric skateboard mod, which to date is one of the most advanced mods...

FabTRAV tries a board that is essentially a Predator Banshee but is a Huboards...

This electric skateboard has almost as much torque as a Boosted Board or Evolve Skateboard!

DJI Osmo Pocket, the perfect camera for the electric skateboard!

A tiny, yet huge surprise from DJI! The DJI Osmo Pocket was unveiled at an event in NYC and I was invited to get some time with one of the devices. It's...

The Skateboard Surf Adapter made by Waterborne Skateboards!

This interesting new take on skateboard trucks allows you to carve with extreme precision easily getting the closest you can to surfing whilst on cement. Not really sure how this would go...

First Meepo Board V1.5 unbox in meepo factory!

Meepo Board V1.5 is an upgraded version of Meepo Board. The only place to get one :


DIYEBOARD 10S5P 90MM Hub Kit Full Review

Just wanted to make a quick post on this kit in the HUB motor option. I know there has been a lot of reviews...