Electric Skateboard Pole Vault, is this a new sport in the making!

French Pole Vaulter Baptiste Boirie recently used an electric skateboard to get some pretty awesome clearance. Going forward we welcome this new high risk sport into the olympics, go forwarth ESK8ers!

Meepo Board Remote Mod – BOOSTED BOARD QUALITY!

This DIY Meepo Remote Mod I performed gives it "almost Boosted" control by replacing the throttle control with a thumbwheel. It took a week of careful thought, patience and planning. I...

FabTRAV tries a board that is essentially a Predator Banshee but is a Huboards...

This electric skateboard has almost as much torque as a Boosted Board or Evolve Skateboard!

The Best Budget Skateboard for 2018

YouTuber Ronnie .S recently made an awesome review of the new flagship killer the OwnBoard, it's a fantastic review which is in depth and goes right into all the most important...

Boosted Board Alternative – This one’s a killer!

As you know, one of our recent partners OwnBoard has smashed onto the scene, launching a budget electric skateboard that features innovations none of the others are looking into. YouTuber Justin Bravo...

The T Board Electric Skateboard – AMAZING ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD!

Recently we found this board in operation on a Chinese YouTube channel with very little information, if you know anything about this board or its makers, please don't hesitate to leave...

Ollin 90mm Popoca Wheels

This video features a Boosted Board V2 with original gearing and Ollin 90mm Popoca Wheels.

Meepo Board V1.5 VS Meepo Board Uphill Challenge (Half Battery)

Go to 05:00 for uphill challenge Video. Based on my riding through 2 weeks. Comparing to meepo board, Meepo Board V1.5 is faster uphill and fast on flat ground and faster acceleration...


Meepo V2p x DIY RC7 Remote Meepo Controller Alternative CHEAP UPGRADE

First impressions of the rc7 remote. You only get 3 speeds but the 3rd speed seems to be equal to the pro(4th) mode. There...