Just wanted to make a quick post on this kit in the HUB motor option. I know there has been a lot of reviews on the belt but not the hub. Not affiliated with them at all.

Have rode this thing for about 20 miles, and it seems to be doing great, I am around 200 pounds, and have a top speed of 22.5 MPH. I was told that it should be a tad faster than meepo due to a better esc (and still wanting to test the top speed but 22.5 is what I got originally).

The v2 remote seems great and more precise than the v1, and the range I have yet to test, but I can confirm that after 9 or so miles I was still going 21.5 mph (so the voltage sag wasn’t holding the top speed at least much at 9 miles in)

The cons I would say are small, you have the normal meepo wheels which are prone to chipping (seems random people get it) My left wheel is already slightly cracked, while the other motor is perfect still. Another thing is This terrible rattling noise due the the esc not actually being mounted, it just sits in there. And while going over bumps you hear the metal plate on the bottom hit the enclosure. I found a fix for this which i will link a pic, but it would be nice if it came already secure. Basically used the small grommets with super glue and it seems to have worked perfect. https://i.imgur.com/HMzOdcX.jpg

Also, everything is the enclosure is a TIGHT fit, and seems barely possible to get all the wires in there before mounting it, but it worked out for me. I would suggest Double Checking your wires from the motors to esc are correct before sealing, because the colors do not coordinate (you just switch them until they are both spinning properly)

Only other thing is the pack is huge, and am currently using the 1/2 in risers that came with it, So it does not really feel like a normal long board because of the height and weight, but that does not bother me.

It is very quiet and powerful, I switched the front trucks to caliber, and updated all the bushings and bearings. So far I am really liking this board, as long as the wheels hold up I think the rest will be fine. would give it a 8.5 out of 10 for the low cost to performance. It seems like a great kit for it only costing a tad over 400. As long as it holds up I will be happy.

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