Exway Electric Skateboard Chargers are MELTING?!

Exway Melting Power Supply

A Reddit user has complained about his Exway chargers continuously melting, a hoard of other users in the Reddit post also sang the same song.

A few users jumped in advising the charger should be turned off when being plugged in, once plugged in, you’re ok to turn the power supply on and begin charging.

Reddit User – Hoo-man states:

Plugging it in while turned on causes arcs to jump from the charger to the port melting where it arcs. I used to plug it in while on and caused some damage, now that I do it turned off its been fine.

Reddit User Chanthrax:

My Exway X1 and X1 Pro have this issue where the charger needs to be plugged into the board at a VERY particular angle in order for them to charge, but the problem is happening more on my X1 Pro for some reason. The board has to be laying on it’s back and it takes a couple tries to get it on correctly, and even then you have to keep an eye on it or it’ll stop charging. And then on top of that, the ESC gets warm and the charger gets so hot to the touch that they’ve all started MELTING. I’ve even seen smoke coming off of one. This concerns me, so I thought I’d post this to see if I could get some explanation or help.