Exway Riot Power System Coming Soon!


Going for $399 (We’re working on a coupon) – Available Here

Fierce Performance

Only Available on the X1 Pro enjoy 1500W*2 and 10.4 NM of Torque?

Our new motor technology is state of the art. With power delivery and decreased heat generation, our motors stay cooler than ever, even when you are pushing them hard.


The Riot comes with high strength drive covers that greatly reduces the risk of snapping a belt.

5M design makes the gears more durable, reduces teeth skipping, and reduces the chances of broken teeth.

The alloy drive gear is more durable and reduces premature wear and failure. 2.57 transmission ratio improves riding efficiency.


Exway proprietary motor connections enable quick and easy drive swap. Switch between hub and belt drive in minutes.


Swappable wheel adapters enable wide compatibility with the most popular wheels available today. Changing wheels has never been simpler; Wear-resistant fiber nylon improves wear resistance and performance; Double bearing design, for improved efficiency and reliability.


Model: RT 15255 160KV
Max Power:1500W ×2
Rated Power:750W ×2
Torque:5.2 N·m ×2