Below is a list of all full face helmets which are currently either being fan-boy/girl’d right now in the electric skateboarding scene.

ZG Vector M6 ($189 + free shipping)

PEG Nork ($200. British)

Nork One Helmet Combo Pack

TSG Pass ($270)

Vultur ($290. Brazilian)

CHARLY No Limit (~$300. German)

Risch ($300+ , German, @rischdesign)

Sector 9 CannonBall ($300. 11 Color & design options)

S1 Lifer ($280)

Predator DH6 ($250)

Popular Alternatives: Bell Sanction ($50~70. Mountain Biking Product) Added from u/friendseversynth : Visors for Bell Sanction are sold separately by Rogers Bros for $25.

Fancy Class: TSG Pass Carbon: $370 Predator DH6 X: $450

Post is constantly updated to keep up with market.

Please name a brand and I’ll research them to include here.