had their keynote yesterday and highlighted their educational program where you can earn $US10 of EOS on Coinbase, by watching some very short videos and answering a simple multiple choice question.

You can receive another $US10 for the other two quiz sets!

Coinbase Proof
ESK8Mods Coinbase Payment Proof – 06/04/2019

You can earn from completely the EOS, BAT and XLM

You’ll need a Coinbase account sign up here.

Then go through to the Coinbase Rewards page by clicking here.

Go through the below answers and fill out the quiz’s, you’ll instantly earn your cash.

EOS Answers:
1. Distributed Application
2. Delegated POS
3. Fast, Free
4. Stake EOS
5. Upgradeable Smart Contracts

XLM Answers:
1. Decentralized protocol
2. Universal Payment
3. Fast, inexpensive, global
4. Issue, exchange tokens
5. Trusted nodes

BAT Answers:
1. Too many ads
2. Free, open source web browser
3. users get paid for opting into ads, publishers get BAT when users pay attention to their content

By using this method you also support ESK8Mods and our future content.