Go Skate Day in Columbia filled with Police Abuse and brawls!


Go Skate Day Police Brutality In Columbia 2019 police abuse, run over skaters causing a all out riot, not only incident but multiple cases of the police abusing and attacking skaters for no reason as well running them over!

Police in Colombia’s capital Bogota came under fire on Friday after a motorized policemen crashed into a skateboarder during the local celebration the global Go Skateboarding Day.

The violent incident occurred on the city’s main 7th Avenue where a large number of skaters took part in the event. Video that was published on social media showed how one of the policemen recklessly rode through the crowd at high speed and hit one skater in his way, causing both to fall.

Nearby skaters immediately assaulted the cop after which his colleague, who had been rising at a safer distance from the manifestation, turned around and purposely rode over one of the men assaulting his colleague.