Meepo Board Trucks Are Breaking Regularly – WARNING

MeepoBoard Broken Trucks
MeepoBoard Broken Trucks

Public Service Announcement: 

WARNING – Please check your MeepoBoard trucks for stress cracks/scratches, it’s be advised that these are the early signs that your trucks are about to break in half.

A fair while back we reported on the Meepo Board and the constant reports of trucks

MeepoBoard Trucks Broken
MeepoBoard Trucks Broken

breaking on their units.

We ruled this out as maybe a once off, but over time noticed more and more users were complaining about this issue with no public response from Meepo Board or Kieran.

There have been in total 15+ reports of incidents found where the Meepo Board trucks have broken causing accident and injury, the team at Meepo Board are aware of these issues.

Recently another user posted in their Facebook group reporting of an injury/accident due to a truck snapping in half, posts like this gain a bunch of comments from other users submitting their photos of truck breaks with their Meepo Boards.

MeepoBoard Broken Trucks
MeepoBoard Broken Trucks

There have been over 15+ reports we’ve counted on the Facebook group alone, a public notice has to be made via MeepoBoard in regards to what they’re doing to fix this major issue.

Below we’re going to include a bunch of references to people who’ve submitted photos or claimed to have had this issue.

The Meepo Board team usually reply to all broken truck requests with the below.

“We are constantly working on improving the quality and safety of our products and will also look at your case in the framework of our internal quality assurance.

We at ESK8Mods think it’s time Meepo Board had a public announcement regarding these breaks as this is a life threatening fault, with over 15+ reported incidents so far we have a pattern of fault which needs to be looked into.

All of these reports were gatherted from the MeepoBoard Facebook Users Group.

If you have had your Meepo Booard break with a similar issue, let us know on our email – [email protected] we’d love to know your story.