The guys over at the Meepo website have relisted their extended range batteries.

The price is still pretty fetchy, it is however meant to double range from stock battery, getting it up to a nice 14-19miles.

It’s a SANYO 20700B battery pack 10S2P custom made by the Meepo team to fit inside their battery enclosure.

This is a battery pack made of SANYO 20700B cells.

Capacity— 8.5 Ah,

Range— 23-31 Kms

Size—  a little bigger than normal Meepo Board battery but its perfect compatible with Meepo Board battery case.


  • riding at high speed all the time with little voltage sag.
  • riding uphills and need decent range.
  • heavy rider like 220 lbs and more.

Note: this item is free shipping if you but it with complete boards