First impressions of the rc7 remote.

  1. You only get 3 speeds but the 3rd speed seems to be equal to the pro(4th) mode.
  2. There is a separate switch to change speeds.
  3. The bigger wheel makes it easier and feel more natural to “feather” the acceleration which translates to a smoother pro mode.
  4. Since I’m not pressing the power button to switch modes anymore that really reduces the chances of accidentally hitting the reverse button.

As far as mods go I’ll give this one a B+ due to price, painless plug and play compatibility and although not a night and day difference it is an instant upgrade in terms of having more control over the acceleration. You even have more control over breaking although if you pull back too much it still gets “jerky”.

One more thing to mention is that on my v2p 90mm remote I felt like there was this “dead” area of a couple mm’s when pushing up on the throttle wheel. On this rc7 it seems like there is a response with every movement of the wheel which is awesome.

This is a replacement remote that works for any of our ESCs. This remote does not come with a receiver and will not work on a VESC.

If you have purchased an ESC in the past and want an upgrade, this remote is compatible.

3 Speed Remote.
SLOW  (8-12MPH)
MEDIUM  (13-18MPH)
FAST  (18-22+MPH)

Works With:
Single Hub ESC
Single Belt ESC
Dual Hub ESC
Dual Belt ESC

Does Not Work With: