Momentum Boards Moto Carbon First Ride 34mph-60Mi Range


We’ve decided to share a recent video release by Momentum Boards for the new Moto Carbon Prototype, it appears they’ve gone above and beyond with this build.

Full Kevlar deck with 7300 watts of flipsky power, 12S7P swap-battery and more, absolutely awesome work team, can’t wait to see what you do next!

  • Deck: Kevlar honeycomb core with 3k Carbon Fiber shell
  • Power: 11hp 7300Watts Dual 6374 190kv Flipsky motors
  • Speed Controllers: Vesc Dual 400amps
  • Remote: Flipsky vx2 with streaming data and bluetooth module
  • Battery: 12S7P custom swappable pack.
  • Specs: 22lbs, 11HP/7300watts, 34mph, 60 mile range
  • Materials: Carbon fiber/Kevlar deck with carbon fiber motor mount, Carbon Fiber enclosures, Aluminum wheels.