One of the pioneers of wakeskating, Brian Grubb, has pulled off one more extraordinary trick. In a world first, he collaborated with Red Bull to get tow ride from an automaton down a Slovenian waterway.

Yet, what precisely is wakeskating?

As indicated by the Phoenix News Times, it’s a water sport that is a hybrid of wakeboarding and skateboarding. Like with wakeboarding, you do it on the surface of water while being pulled by a speedboat or fly ski. Be that as it may, dissimilar to in wakeboarding, nothing is holding you down to the board — this is the place skateboarding comes in.

In this example, rather than utilizing a speedboat or stream ski as a tow vehicle, Grubb utilized an electric-controlled quadcopter ramble, which was made uncommonly for him by Infineon Innovations.

Surfer Today reports that the 24kg automaton could tow Grubb for ten straight minutes and could even lift him noticeable all around for his tricks. Grubb told the production that “Skimming over the surface of a delightful waterway … and flying the automaton under an extension feels truly damn great”.

We can just envision.